While buying or constructing a house it is very important to pay attention to the natural light entering the room. Ideally, a house should be designed and constructed in such a way that it allows ample amount of natural light/sunlight to seep in. The positioning of the doors and windows plays a very crucial role in this aspect. Windows allow the natural air and natural light to enter the house and thus maintaining the temperature as much as possible. Sunlight usually makes the house pleasant and renders positive vibes.

What are Skylights


Skylights are nothing but windows on the ceiling or roof. Skylights give a passageway for natural and pleasant sunlight directly into the house. They also maintain the air ventilation in the house or the room. They play a major role in making the house look spacious and super attractive and add to the aesthetics of the area. The skylights sometimes open outward or some of them can be opened with the use of chains or a pole.

Skylights are of various shapes and sizes. Many factors are considered while installing them such as insulation and leak management of the house. The position of skylights is very significant as it affects and manages the natural light entering the room.

Raw Materials

Either plastic or glass is utilised to make skylights. Many components and facets such as climate, location, weather and pricing together contribute in deciding which material is suitable.


Glazing is a term which generally depicts how a skylight is constructed. There are two types of glazing.

Plastic Glazing – It is less expensive but can wear out. They are usually dome-shaped or bubble-shaped. The plastic glazing may discolour.

Glass Glazing – This type of glazing for skylights is comparatively more expensive but is durable. Ideally, the glass utilised here should be tempered or laminated. Sometimes both kinds of glasses are utilised.

Temperature Regulation

Skylights with higher heat gain co-efficient are best for cold temperature/weather and skylight with lower heat gain co-efficient are good for humid / hot weather condition.


Usually, skylights are installed in the spaces that require light and a bit of temperature regulation. On a general basis, you will find skylights installed in the kitchen or living areas. Slope and moisture control are two vital factors which are considered while installing skylights.


Precautions should be taken to prevent skylight fall accidents, like allowing only experts to go near Skylights and having warning signs around the Skylight.

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