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This is my first blog on ventilators, since we started manufacturing and supplying ventilators to various countries. I take this opportunity to communicate with my customer, suppliers and vendors about effective and efficient ventilation through my blog. The whole idea about writing these series of blogs would be to  help make manufacturing more sustainable, efficient and help create environment friendly working atmosphere. In my first blog, I will share my thoughts on the need for ventilation and how Riseecovent can help.

Effective ventilation can increase comfort, productivity and energy efficiency at a workplace or other commercial buildings. A well-designed ventilation system can reduce heat, condensation and exhaust pollutants.

Riseecovent headquartered at Thailand was incorporated in 2006, which specializes in providing ventilation solutions for various industries. To cater to the growing demand of all Eco Roof Ventilators for industrial & commercial purposes in Asia we expanded our operations in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar& UAE.

All the products are manufactured as per the industry set standards, these ventilators are commonly used for exhausting dust and fumes out of various industrial establishments and households. These ventilators can be customized as per the specifications provided by the customers

Now I would like to talk about the working of ventilators, An efficient means of extracting warm and stale air is through roof mounted turbo ventilators, which create positive draft. Adequate low level provision for the entry of fresh air at ambient temperature should be provided.Efficient turbine ventilators exhaust hot and stale air and provide a given number of air changes per hour for the building. Does not allow entry of rain.

Design & Construction play an important role in meeting the critical and customized needs of our customers. Our manufacturing facility meets all quality and safety requirements, our design capability would be as follows:-

  • Design & construction.
  • It is fitted with stainless steel thrust bearing.
  • Its Double top cap ensures permanent alignment in inverted cap design.
  • The corrugated foil framed vanes gives rigidity, strength, air flow and provides protection against weather changes.
  • These ventilators have highly sensitive roller bearing system, housing upper & lower bearings.
  • Drives out dust soil grit and foreign material that retains complete lubrication in the unit.
  •  Available in fabrication from aluminum – stainless steel.
  •  Aluminium turbo ventilators with stainless steel spiders and shaft assembly.

Make your workplace, residential and warehouse more sustainable with riseecovent.

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