Turbine ventilators: An advanced technology to save lives

Turbine ventilators are essential additions to the roofs of industrial factories. They help to dispose of exhaust airflow using negative pressure. The turbine rotates due to the varying pressure in the downstream end and improves ventilation in buildings. The turbines can combine the use of wind and pressure gradients to assist ventilation in factory buildings […]

Solar Pipe Lux System

Day Lightning system is one of the effective lighting systems which can be installed, applied, and can be used for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. Day lightning is a controlled technique of using light with a combination of direct sunlight, natural light, and diffused skylight into a building. Solar pipe Lux system is a modern […]

JC Cooling Manufacturer & Supplier in Asia


J C Cooling is a manufacturer and supplier of fire & safety, air, and sound control products that are used at all commercial, industrial and residential premises. With high quality and integrity, they also provide repair and maintenance services to ensure their products are more productive as well as comfortable. J C Cooling is ready […]

Heat Recovery Ventilation – Recovers up to 75% energy


Basic Concept A heat recovery ventilator permits the inside air recharging of the premise, keeping up and recuperating the energy utilized for cooling. What is exactly a heat recovery ventilator? The principal objective of a heat exchanger or heat recovery ventilator is the recuperation of the energy by moving the heat of the air that […]

Ventilation is a Profound Secret of Existence.

For every company owner the well-being, health, and welfare of workers is the main we are Industrial Ventilators Manufacturer in UAE. Industrial Ventilation systems help to clean air pollutants, remove dust exhaust, and provide a lot of natural air, it is one of the main lines of protection against infection. These ventilation systems may also […]

Escaping The Heat With Wind Driven Ventilators

Wind Driven Ventilator is simply the air replacing technology that is based on the fact that air expands when the roof is heated up. The sun shines on the roof and heats up the air inside the roof space, then the Wind Driven Ventilators allow warm air to escape. Hence provide the pleasant working environment. […]

Smoke Ventilation System For Fire Safety

Programmed Smoke Ventilators ensure property and help firemen in bringing a fire under control by removing smoke, warmth, and gases from a consuming structure. Smoke Ventilators are undeniably appropriate for large expanses of unhampered space, for example, manufacturing plants, warehouses, theaters, and retail offices. Smoke Ventilators are life safety systems intended to encourage the protected […]

Cooling Down With Industrial Wall Mount Fans

Working in a full fledged-industry not only heats up your mind, but also the block you work in. Or for instance, when the sun sets up and stands on the head of your commercial block, your building is immediately taking the form of a ‘hot box.’ If the scenario is not treated, you will not […]

Escaping The Heat With Ridge Vents

Riseecovent sounds like an epitome of ventilation solutions, doesn’t it? And why won’t it? It provides services like none other in varied sectors. Riseecovent has been covering, protecting and shielding various structures spread worldwide like in countries of Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Qatar, Oman. The list of services offered include Smoke Ventilation Systems, Industrial Wall Fans, […]

All that you should know about Power Ventilators

Ventilation is an excellent means of creating a weatherproof outlet for hot and moist air escaping from a structure from inside, both during winters and summers. Sufficient roof ventilation plays a vital role in temperature regulation across all types of residential, commercial as well as industrial constructions. It’s a proven fact that an effective roof […]