4 Prominent facts every Industrialist should know-about breathing and power ventilators

All the factory owners should consider some important facts about breathing- when it comes to asking for higher efficiency and better performance – that too in lesser possible time from its people.

This calls for power ventilators. Riseecovent is the expert and power ventilator manufacturer and supplier in Thailand.

Here are the prominent facts about breathing.

History says Breathing was discovered approximately 3.77 billion years ago. Later science, physiology, psychology developed more insights about breathing.

1.Breathing is the essence of life: 

Breathing makes all living beings go on. A person breathes in, breaths out. This is respiration as you know. Now the person works the whole day- so there is perspiration- physical work and, inspiration- thinking. Hence the mind and body both depend on respiration. Yet only respiration is not enough- one has to breathe in the pure, unpolluted, fresh air and with health evoking percentage of humidity to perform efficiently- rather proficiently.

One breathes air – it is 21 percent oxygen, and we need oxygen to live. However, for a healthy environment, the air also has to be unpolluted.

When we breathe in, the Inhaled air is by volume 78.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen and small amounts of other gasses including argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium, and hydrogen. When we exhale we throw out, 4% to 5% by volume of carbon dioxide, about a 100 fold increase over the inhaled air.

2.What is the Respiratory rate:

Basically, the respiratory rate is the number of breaths one takes per minute. The average, normal respiration rate for an adult at rest is 12 to 20 breaths per minute.

Hence if the conditions vary, breathing rate varies, and the performance varies.

3.Breathing, moods and work-based stress:

As the inquiry of science propagated, we discovered more about breathing. Breathing has direct connectivity with moods and the state of mind. In essence, the breath can regulate our mind and emotions.

After finding this link, due to this relationship, practitioners of various disciplines consider that they can create a particular mood by following a certain pattern. Here is how and why the most common recommendation is that deep breathing- that performs with the diaphragm and abdomen more can lead to a more relaxed and confident mood.

The Japanese, the Chinese, the Kung fu practitioners call it ‘Chi’ or the life force/power of the cosmos. The breathing is thus directed in and out of naval- the center of the body which the Japanese/Chinese call as ‘Hara’. The ancient Yoga treatise of Patanjali in India calls it ‘chakra’.

Hence breathing regulation has an influence on moods in different ways. Buddhists may consider that it helps precipitate a sense of inner peace, holistic healers that it encourages an overall state of health and business, stress consultants advise that it provides relief from work-based stress.

This is the reason behind the adage- ‘take a deep breath’, when one has to begin a mental, or physical task.

The research by Clinical psychologist Pierre Phillipot showed that different emotional states are associated with distinct respiration patterns. In his research, he studied people’s emotions like sadness, fear, anger, and happiness.

The research found that each emotion was corresponding with a distinct pattern of breath. For example, when the participants felt anxious or afraid, they breathed more quickly and when they felt happy, they breathed slowly and fully.

4.We can change how we feel using our breath! 

This finding is revolutionary: We can change how we feel using our breath! Given the fact that it is so difficult to change one’s emotions using thoughts alone – try “talking yourself out of” intense anger or anxiety – , learning to use the breath becomes a very powerful tool. Since it is so difficult to “talk” our way out of our feelings, we can learn to “breathe” our way through them. After participating in a 6-day workshop, veterans who said they had felt “dead” since returning from Iraq said they felt alive again. 2 years later, they are spokespeople for the program, volunteering to encourage other veterans to learn to breathe again.

The role of Riseecovent, the power ventilator manufacturer in healthy breathing:

As we have illustrated the importance of healthy breathing in pure, unpolluted air. For this, power ventilators are an essential part of every industry.

Riseecovent is a specialized expert in the domain of industrial ventilation 

Riseecovent develops ventilator systems for various industry sectors including manufacturing plants- like automobiles, pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, paints, adhesives, and also warehouses.

What is the purpose of ventilation

Well, effective ventilation can purify the air in the factory by exhausting dust and pollution, humidity, heat content as per the objective need. It leads to a comfortable environment. This further leads to a better state of mind of the people who work on the campus- this further leads to increased, focused attention to work and hence higher productivity.

Riseecovent offers the following types of products in ventilation

– Roof ventilators

– Wind-driven ventilators

Power ventilators

– Industrial Wall Fans

Smoke ventilators

Skylights and opening devices

Riseecovent took its small, yet ambitious step in 2006 in Thailand- expanded its footprint by offering time tested and reliable ventilators and other products further in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar& UAE.

Every industry for Riseecovent is unique brief- it offers them the optimized, exacting, sustainable, cost-effective solutions. The proud portfolio of the spectrum of industries in the above part of the map is taking it ahead globally.


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