All that you should know about Power Ventilators

Ventilation is an excellent means of creating a weatherproof outlet for hot and moist air escaping from a structure from inside, both during winters and summers. Sufficient roof ventilation plays a vital role in temperature regulation across all types of residential, commercial as well as industrial constructions. It’s a proven fact that an effective roof ventilator adds to overall comfort level and thereby boosts energy efficiency and productivity. In addition to slashing indoor heat levels, ventilation systems perform an imperative task of reducing exhaust pollutants and condensation. Proper installation and maintenance of ventilation systems by roof ventilator suppliers allows for maintaining indoor air quality, regulating oxygen levels inside home or commercial/industrial building and odour removal, which ultimately create a favourable environment for the health of occupants.

Ventilation Systems – Still Overlooked?

Establishing a comfortable temperature range indoors is one of the most sought-after advantages that ventilators offer. Despite the fact that all types of building structures ideally demand a proper roof ventilation system that prevents air stagnation, and moisture and odour generation, roof ventilation is often an overlooked area among the developers/builders fraternity. A sizeable number of building construction plans and designs are still devoid of ventilation as one of the priorities. Moreover, when it comes to selecting a ventilation system, engineers and architects often choose to adhere to decade-old standards without even checking out specific demands of that particular structure and various ventilation possibilities. Power exhaust ventilators and natural ventilators have so far remained the most popular choices.

Although natural ventilation is among preferred ventilation types for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, it is necessary to have proper ventilation systems installed to make the most out of natural ventilation. On the other hand, power ventilators provide mechanical ventilation based on exhaust technology. Power ventilators are also a highly popular type of ventilation systems employed at a majority of commercial and residential spaces. Considering it as a standard, a power ventilator is picked for installation in most of residential complexes and workspaces.

Power Exhaust Ventilators – Pros and Cons

The basic principle of a power ventilator, unlike natural ventilator that relies on natural airflow, is to throw air outside through industrial wall exhaust fans and suck fresh cooler air in through wall vents. This mechanism tends to create a comfortable airflow. Although not considered as the most effective ventilation system, power ventilators are typically preferred because of their relative effectiveness in a variety of building spaces. Attic ventilation fans and industrial exhaust fans that are employed in power exhaust ventilation systems offer multiple advantages, of which convenience of installation and maintenance remain the most sought-after ones. These fans serve to effectively create a comfortable airflow.

However, the balance of incoming and exhausted air must be ensured to prevent potential hazards caused due to depressurization. Cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals are also to be ensured all through the year, especially when installed over kitchen roofs. Moreover, most of the times, power exhaust ventilators, as they rely on mechanical systems, tend to consume a lot of energy and thus fail to demonstrate sufficient energy efficiency. Given rampant energy costs, commercial and industrial entities are finding it challenging to invest in power exhaust ventilators. Needless to mention, their pricey maintenance and repair services further add to reluctance. This is where highly efficient natural ventilation systems win.

Riseecovent’s Power Ventilators

With increasing global focus on energy efficiency, industrial and commercial domains continue to demand energy-centric innovations in power ventilation systems. Focusing on the bottom line, we maintain comfort, efficiency and long-term cost as our key for innovating our power ventilator range. Being one of the prime and preferred roof ventilator manufacturers and suppliers of top notch quality ventilation systems, Riseecovent recommends a deep-dive analysis before you finalize a ventilation system for any type of construction.

We have a wide selection of best quality energy-efficient power ventilators that help our industrial and commercial customers achieve greater savings on energy costs. We, as a renowned Power Ventilators Supplier Thailand, Vietnam and other countries, further differentiate our range of power ventilators with sturdy construction, compact and precise designs, easy operability, low maintenance and lasting service life. An adjustable humidistat made available with power exhaust ventilators remains our USP. In line with our objective to meet green ventilation needs for enhancing environmental life, we are constantly engaged in developing smarter ways of power ventilation that are both energy-efficient and cost-effective.


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