Cooling Down With Industrial Wall Mount Fans

Working in a full fledged-industry not only heats up your mind, but also the block you work in. Or for instance, when the sun sets up and stands on the head of your commercial block, your building is immediately taking the form of a ‘hot box.’ If the scenario is not treated, you will not only punish the people working in the building as well as the building! Jokes apart. What needs to be noted is that swift movement of air is extremely necessary when it comes to industries and offices.

The solution for this big problem lies in the technology that occupies minimal space while doing maximum work. Yes, it is all about the Industrial Wall Mount Fans. A wall-mounted fan is highly advisable for industries. These types of fans push the air around. When a key point of installation is decided, the fan is mounted and these fans circulate air conditioning. They also add an immediate evaporative air manoeuvre.

Wall mount fans for industries can be very beneficial if placed correctly on open doors and near windows. The move air around the building, and can also bring the cool air from outside in, and replace the hot air accumulated in the block.

The heavy running machinery can be cooled down. Not just that, the aisles holding products and parts, tight spaces can also be cooled. The areas with rush, especially the manufacturing areas can be covered. These fans incorporate heavy-gauge materials which are compatible for daily use. A powerful motor is embedded that enables the fan blades to move air in huge volumes. A premium quality of high-performance bearings are installed so a long life is ensured.

Features of Industrial Wall Mount Fans

  1. Safe- A cage is covering the big blades. Hence, safety is guaranteed. The possibility of fingers or objects getting through the cage is quite low as the heavily built fans are protected with a cage with minute gaps.
  2. Space- The best feature of this is the space it consumes. As it can be mounted on walls, the floor area is left for the users convenience. It doesn’t occupy floor space, making it perfect for tight spaces.
  3. Speed- If the speed is too fast or too slow, it may end up either by blowing up the papers on your desk and making too much noise or it may cause improper ventilation. Multiple speed settings enable the user to control and direct the speed at required space.
  4. Oscillation- A check has to be done on the oscillation of the fans. The directions they move and face towards is an important aspect of wall mount fans.This way, one can get the air moving in the desired direction.

All these and many such features are loaded in industrial wall fans. We, at Rise Ecovent can offer help to choose the right wall mount fan for you. To brief, we are Roof Ventilator Manufacturers, Power Ventilator Suppliers, Ridge Ventilator Manufacturers and we also do everything the has to deal with venting systems. Contact us for more details.


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