Purpose of Industrial blower fans

By having a functional industrial blower fan in your facility, you can accomplish an effective operation. However, buying an industrial blower fan for the very first time might land you with a few questions as to what exactly is an industrial blower fan, what’s the purpose of them, and the various types available. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled some information, which will answer most of your questions and make your purchasing process smooth.

What is an industrial blower fan?

An industrial blower fan is chiefly composed of an impeller, an inlet collector, a casing, a deflector, and a motor. They are electric fans with blades and wheels to drive the flow of gas or air from one point to the other.

The industrial blower fan can be used in the industry for conveying, cooling, ventilating, exhausting, aspirating, or when other means of flow are necessary. Almost all industries, including chemical, agriculture, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food processing, automobiles, mining, and construction, need blowers for specific purposes.

What are the different types of industrial blower fans?

There are mainly two types of industrial blower fans: centrifugal blower and axial blower. The differentiation between industrial blower fans is usually determined by the type of blower, dimensions, design, flow capacity, electrical rating, and operating pressure.

1) A centrifugal blower

As per the name, a centrifugal blower uses a rotating disc and perpendicular blades to operate using centrifugal force. A centrifugal high-pressure blower is mainly used for heavy-duty operations and is appropriate for industries having large particles of dust in the air. This high pressure of air generated is usually suitable for locations of high temperatures and moisture.

2) Axial blower

Unlike centrifugal blowers, axial blowers generate lower air pressure from their operation. Consequently, they are used in moderate environments having fine air particles and lower temperatures. The axial blowers have their blades radially extending from the exterior diameter of the fan chamber.

What is the purpose of the industrial blower fan?

The following are the major applications of industrial blower fans:

1) Air handling

Industrial blower fans offer even and high airflow through the ductwork of a facility. Air movement is achieved by their large-angle blades directly connected to the hub of the blower.

2) Dust loading

Industrial blower fans collect dust particles to improve air quality. For specific industries, dust collection is an important part of their operations and is a legal requirement that falls under Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. These air quality regulations are mainly for the protection of employees working in the industry since some air particulates may lead to a variety of health issues.

3) Fume extraction

A wide range of industrial facilities generates smoke, fumes, and chemicals that have to be eliminated from the air. The fumes, smoke, and other contaminants are removed by points of emission or scrubbers. Normally, this is achieved using a system of fans and blowers and fans.

Fume or smoke remover blowers are a part of a complete system designed with a larger capacity of filtration. The system guarantees that harmful odors, gas fumes, and other contaminants are removed with 99% efficacy.

4) Material handling

The industry that requires material handling uses pneumatic pressure systems for moving powder and granular particles to the production site. Industries like pharmaceuticals, agricultural, food processing, and cement manufacturers also require industrial blower fans to eliminate fine particulates from the air.

4) Exhausting

In small and isolated workplaces where vapour and paint accumulate, industrial blower fans serve the purpose of filtering and removing these vapours and fumes to maintain cleaner air. Since some of the chemicals are combustible, exhaust blowers have to be spark resistant. A build-up of varnish, paint, and lacquer has the potential to be explosive and volatile. Thus, spark-resistant blowers used in these conditions are usually made with particularly fabricated aluminium impellers.

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