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J C Cooling is a manufacturer and supplier of fire & safety, air, and sound control products that are used at all commercial, industrial and residential premises. With high quality and integrity, they also provide repair and maintenance services to ensure their products are more productive as well as comfortable. J C Cooling is ready to launch new products that will be beneficial to the customers on large scale.

Looking at the aspects of fire barriers at any place, like fire, smoke can also spread quickly and easily anywhere through the ventilation system. And then, inhaling that smoke can be hazardous. So absolutely, what and how do the fire and smoke dampers help to prevent smoke from spreading?

As an air control product, fire dampers and smoke dampers are used for protection and safety purposes against the loss from fire damages. It has been installed at residential buildings, commercial offices, warehouses, restaurants, garages, etc. To prevent smoke, toxic gases, and fire spreading, the smoke detectors, and fire alarms help to minimize the property damage.

A fire damper is a device installed in ducts and the air transfer for open-air distribution. It is designed in such a way that upon the detection of heat due to the occurrence of a fire, it gets closed automatically. Fire damper products come in two basic designs: curtain-type design and multiple-blade type design.

Also, the application of fire dampers consists of two types: static and dynamic. Static fire dampers have only been applied in the smoke in HVAC (heating, ventilation, or air conditioning) systems. Dynamic fire dampers are designed and tested for closure under minimum airflow (2,000 fpm and 4.0 in wg) and are rated for 90 minutes or 180 minutes.

The main function of the fire damper is to stop the fire in the passage from one side to the other and control the movement of smoke spread within a premise. Fire dampers are positioned in the wall, ceiling, or floor, ducted to maintain the purity of air and fire rating of a wall or floor. Fire dampers are installed in the lighter gauge sleeves which requires a breakaway connection to the ductwork.

Smoke dampers are tested according to the UL555S standards and assembled to restrict the spread of smoke in heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This product is also designed to operate automatically which is being controlled by a smoke detection system for getting closed in the occurrence of a fire.

Fire/smoke dampers are available with electric heat release devices that are revised, adjusted, more energy savings, and allow those to close systematically. Nowadays, electric heat release devices are mostly preferred, instead of the fusible links to operate. Hence, dampers became an essential part of the fire protection design and development.

There is an increase in the usage of fire/smoke dampers in the healthcare industry, especially at hospitals. Following the best practice approach provided by manufacturers, fire/smoke dampers help the hospitals to eliminate risks (people and property), save costs, infection control. protect lives and provide safety. So, it is also referred to as a life safety product.

Fire dampers, smoke dampers, or the combination of fire and smoke dampers, as part of any building’s fire protection system, always perform their function well, particularly during a fire emergency. But, the proper installation and performance testing of these dampers are required, just to ensure better functioning as expected in the situation of a fire emergency.

Understanding how a fire/smoke damper works and why inspecting and repairing those dampers can help you to decide that your building space is fully prepared for both fire and smoke. To protect your building and living residents, the passive fire protection systems must work effectively.

JC Cooling’s, Fire and Safety products are Tested, Certified, and Classified by “UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES” also knowns as UL 555 and UL555S standards for Fire and Safety applications. J C Cooling Means Quality and this assurance can be accepted as we are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We are set to launch new products and are expanding our market area with Riseecovent all over Asia. All the products that Riseecovent manufactures are fabricated according to the business set principles, and we have extended our business in India.


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