Solar Pipe Lux System

Day Lightning system is one of the effective lighting systems which can be installed, applied, and can be used for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. Day lightning is a controlled technique of using light with a combination of direct sunlight, natural light, and diffused skylight into a building. Solar pipe Lux system is a modern technology product that saves energy resources in providing an effective lighting system.

The advantages of day lightning systems are numerous –

  • It reduces the electric lightning power overall up to 15 to 40 %.
  • It is known to improve mood, increase morale (especially useful in the office), reduces fatigue, and reduces eye strain.
  • It is your direct connection to nature.
  • It improves the overall lighting conditions in a building and a room.
  • Sunlight is known to kill various bacteria and microbes which can be found in the interiors of the room, keeping the environment healthy.

A smoke ventilation system is also an ideal way of keeping the interiors of your space healthy and if combined with a day lightning system, then it is sure to give you numerous health benefits.

At Riseecovent, we specialize in providing perfect ventilation solutions for the following industries.

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Manufacturing plants
  • PSU’S.
  • Paints and Adhesives
  • Chemical Plants
  • Automotive Plants.
  • Animal Husbandry and Poultry Farms.

Our diverse range of clients is a testimony that we have with us highly knowledgeable, hard-working, and diligent teams who will always keep our esteemed clients first. Along with being the prime Roof Ventilator Suppliers, our product range includes wind ventilators, ridge ventilators industrial wall fans, and daylighting systems.

There are two types of Day Lightning systems-

Solar Pipe Lux System

Power-Pipe Lux System

In this blog, we will tell you all the information related to a Solar Pipe Lux System.

A Solar Pipe Lux system is a novel dome-shaped device with a fixed light-catching reflector.If possible, the device should be placed facing south for the maximum passage of light. If it is placed south then it allows for the maximum entry of light and will contribute to a high volume of natural light during the day. The facing in the South direction is also important for other technical reasons such as

‘It allows for the proper and adequate penetration of sunlight by avoiding the glare and over-heating.

The installation of this Solar Pipe can be useful both on a bright sunny day and on cloudy days too.

How exactly this Solar Pipe Lux system transmits light?

  • The Solar Pipe Lux is a dome-shaped cum cylindrical piece of reflective material.
  • This mirror-like product captures the sunlight and reflects on the interiors of the surfaces of the tube.
  • As this light passes through multiple surfaces, it reaches the interiors of your home, where the light will pass through the dome in the ceiling
  • The biggest advantage is that the light is evenly spread, so there is no chance of hotspots passed from the sunlight.

Advantages of Solar Pipe Lux system are-

  • They project the light without any shadows.
  • They are compact which makes way for their swift installation.
  • If the wall or the roof is facing south then there is a high possibility of installing on the latter.
  • It gives you the natural and much-needed protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun inside your home.

The light-catching dome is made of compact shockproof polymethyl methacrylate; the exposed part is naturally protected against UV rays. Also, the Solar Pipe Lux System can be integrated with other systems or Kits to achieve a great amount of light in the required space.

At Riseecovent we are the leading Roof Ventilator Manufacturers headquartered in Thailand. Our expertise is spread all across the globe right from India, to Singapore, to Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the UAE.

All our projects speak of world-class quality and timely delivery of the goods. Our focus as a team is on constantly improving our proficiency and our mission is to become a prominent name in the ventilation manufacturing industry.

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