Keep the factory cool without air conditioning!


Does the air in your factory turn hot! Indeed it happens any part of the factory as the temperature changes with the time in the day, due to work process and seasonal variation. Let us see scientifically the research done by Riseecovent, the expert and leading ventilator manufacturer in Thailand on this aspect.

Why does the air in the factory turn hot and humid! 

In any industrial manufacturing process, the plant can generate hot air and humidity. The temperature and density depend on the type of process. Hot air in the factory sustains moister. Hence the humidity percentage is more in hot air. This obstructs the chilling process of the wind as it prevents the evaporation of sweat on the body. The air-conditioning of the factory is not possible due to the big area, factory work process, and the expenditure.

Effects of higher temperature on factory performance

Higher temperature makes people uncomfortable. They sweat more and it also affects their freshness making them feel sticky. This leads to an uncomfortable state of mind and breathing, body movement and hence the performance.

The sure solution with no airconditioning- Riseecovent Roof Ventilation system for industrial & commercials 

To beat the heat and humidity-and transform it into a cool and fresh air can be achieved by the Riseecovent range of power ventilators. Riseecovent roof and Power Ventilators can efficiently remove the hot air and humidity. This hot air is ventilated to let the fresh air with the ambient temperature in.

The Riseecovent work of power ventilation

The first step by Riseecovent is to study the factory process, temperature, and its causes and the percentage of humidity. Then the area of the factory shop floor also counts.

After this, the company team decides the type and number of power ventilators. According to the inference of the study of the factory, ventilators can be clubbed with Electronic Humidistat & Industrial Humidity Controller based on the requirement. A humidistat controls the relative humidity in factory conditions. This way one can gauge the humidity and hence apply the necessary controls to achieve the objective effect. Then, of course, Riseecovent tests the effect of ventilation on the factory cooling and fresh air to reach it to the satisfactory mark.

Riseecovent power ventilators are empowered with following key features

– Fast and efficient uninterrupted reduction of hot air and humidity,

– Precise designing based on the research of the factory and ventilator functional

– Robust, durable construction

– Low maintenance

– Easy to operate- a brief training to the factory is sufficient to operate further

– High efficiency

– Long service life

These ventilators are made by Riseecovent after extensive research on factory conditions, needs, the cost incurred on energy consumption. Its function is to check the density of hot air and humidity. Several tests, improvisations were made to achieve its peak performance.

Proficiency in cooling and ventilation- the Riseecovent mission

Client needs of factory cooling, air problems and devising pro-efficient power ventilation systems to offer corresponding solutions is the mission of Riseecovent. Every power ventilator is configured, installed and tested by Riseecovent team for the client industry/factory.

Innovations, constant improvements, and offering long term, low maintenance, low cost on energy consumption to provide maximum ventilation and appropriate air quality is the all-time mission of Riseecovent. Every client, every project done by Riseecovent eloquently speaks of client approval- for all times.

Riseecovent, Thailand is one preferred company that specializes in this category. It offers industrial ventilation fans, industrial exhaust fans, roof ventilators for large, medium, even small size of shop floors. They also offer wind turbine ventilators in Thailand.

To support your industry needs in your country. Riseecovent is accessible through its centers in Dubai, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman. The company representatives in these countries are available to you to meet you for your ventilation needs.


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