The role of Power Ventilation is significant in every industrial environment. Riseecovent is the specialized expert in the domain of industrial ventilation – its role ideally begins right at the planning stage of construction of any industry/factory or such campus. Riseecovent also offers specialized ventilators for commercial and residential premises as per their requirements of the campus.

Construction of the factory is like a jigsaw puzzle for architects and engineers- although the end picture is clear, they have to fit perfectly each part in the relative proportion and relation at the right place as per the operational flowchart. The ventilator system is one of the parts.

Though ventilation can be of different types for different purposes, for effective power ventilation one has to consider construction specifications of the dimensions of the campus, the present environment, the conditions that are foreseen after the factory operations begin. However, after the factory is erected ventilation of the corresponding objective can be done effectively. For several times the changes in operations of the factory can occur and the purpose and type of ventilation can vary.

Architects or designers create construction specifications before work actually starts. Here subject expert project engineers are also involved in a refined version of the project. But many involve project engineers for technical help. This is where the role of Riseecovent comes in.

Construction specifications, also called specs, are the details for the work in a construction project. These details include information such as materials, the scope of work, installation process, and quality of work. Every construction on this earth is broadly categorized into three types of specifications to help devise the specific flowchart- This enables the builder and the client, both in sync about what is to be built.

There are three types of construction specifications. They are prescriptive, performance, and proprietary.

  • Prescriptive specs include- generalized, products, and execution aspects.
  • Performance Specs include- the operational requirements of a project. It details what the final installed product has to be capable of doing.
  • Proprietary Specifications are when you need to use a specific type of product for any kind of installation.

The ventilation factor comes in case of performance specs- where the operations are connected with ventilation.

Riseecovent develops ventilator systems for various industry sectors including manufacturing plants- like automobiles, pharmaceuticals,  chemical plants, paints, adhesives,  and also warehouses.

What is the purpose of ventilation- Well, effective ventilation can purify the air in the factory by exhausting dust and pollution, humidity, heat content as per the objective need. It leads to a comfortable environment. This further leads to a better state of mind of the people who work on the campus- this further leads to increased, focused attention to work and hence higher productivity.

Riseecovent offers the following types of products in ventilation

–    Roof ventilators– They can be mounted on the roof, Their function is to drive out the low-pressure air from below. This leads to fresh cool air. The system is lightweight and can withstand the velocity on the rooftop.


–    Wind-driven ventilators – They promote natural ventilation in factories, warehouses & other industrial and commercial facilities. They work on zero maintenance and operational cost.


–    Power ventilators – Most preferred for the removal of a defined volume of hot and/or humid air. These ventilators are highly energy-efficient and available with adjustable humidistat for maximum control.

–    Industrial Wall Fans – Special push-pull, open-close device, that ensures shutter totally open and close, wind-proof, rain-proof and dust-proof. Centrifugal type open mechanism can guarantee that shutters completely open and close. Make the shutters opened to reduce resistance & increase the airflow.


–    Smoke ventilators– They function as the name suggests efficiently. They come in two variants horizontal and vertical.

–    Skylights and opening devices– Various types as per the space size and the roof.


Riseecovent took its small, yet ambitious step in 2006 in Thailand- expanded its footprint by offering time tested and reliable ventilators and other products further in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar& UAE.

Every industry for RISEECOVENT is unique brief- it offers them the optimized, exacting, sustainable, cost-effective solutions. The proud portfolio of the spectrum of industries in the above part of the map is taking it ahead globally.


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