Another proud feather in the cap of Riseecovent- Risseco power ventilators! Of course, a time tested and proven installation by numerous esteemed industries all over.

These ventilators are installed for a specific purpose. Certain manufacturing plants, factories generate hot air clubbed with humidity in the campus. This can be the outcome of the manufacturing process or ambient conditions.

Certain type of industry manufacturing processes in the plant generate hot air and humidity. The temperature and density can vary. This can be hazardous to work ambiance, efficiency and the health of people who work there.

This hot air has to be ventilated to let the fresh air with ambient temperature in. Also the humidity has to be reduced. When this is done the smoothness of operations begin and the efficiency is risen.

This can be achieved successfully, efficiently and consistently with the help of Risee power ventilators. To achieve this better one has to first gauge the hot air and humidity in the factory. For this these ventilators can be clubbed with Electronic Humidistat & Industrial Humidity Controller based on the requirement. A humidistat controls the relative humidity in factory conditions. This way one can gauge the humidity and hence apply the necessary controls to achieve the objective effect.

Risee power ventilators are empowered with following key features

-Fast and efficient uninterrupted reduction of hot air and humidity,

– Precise designing based on the research of the factory and ventilator functional

– Robust, durable construction

– Low maintenance

– Easy to operate- a brief training to the factory is sufficient to operate further

– High efficiency

– Long service life

These ventilators are made by Riseecovent after the extensive research on factory conditions, needs, the cost incurred on energy consumption. Its function is to check the density of hot air and humidity. Several tests, improvisations were made to achieve its peak performance.



That’s the way of work at Riseecovent- first, the team of engineering subject experts studies the need for such products and the futuristic objectives of the factories who may use it. It also keeps abreast of the continuously evolving scenario of the production processes in various industries. As the prime concern of Riseecovent is the air, temperature and humidity index of the factory- it probes more into its causes with a long term solution-based approach.

Then the ventilator is made. It is the ALPHA version for testing. Then after its trial, the improvisation is made, after further research and the BETA version is made and tested. At this stage, it arrives at the closest point of optimum performance. The last concern is how it reduces the energy cost and to what extent. After making the necessary modifications with these parameters considered stringently the final GAMMA, the third version of the ventilator is made and launched.

The above flowchart of research and improvisation is done for power ventilators before it was launched. This is the reason it has been giving satisfactory results of controlling the hot and humid air. The smile and satisfaction on the face of the industry team is the proof of that- and the positive reciprocal received by Riseecovent team.

Riseecovent believes in meeting optimum client expectations. Every power ventilator is configured, installed and tested by Riseecovent team for the client industry/factory.

Innovations, constant improvements, and offering long term, low maintenance, low cost on energy consumption to provide maximum ventilation and appropriate air quality is the all-time mission of Riseecovent. Every client, every project done by Riseecovent eloquently speaks of client approval- for all times.

Riseecovent, Thailand is one preferred company that specializes in this category. It offers industrial ventilation fans, industrial exhaust fans, roof ventilators for large, medium, even small size of shop floors. They also offer wind turbine ventilators in Thailand.

To support your industry needs in your country. Riseecovent is accessible through its centers in Dubai, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman. The company representatives in these countries are available to you to meet you for your ventilation needs.



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