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The Cambridge dictionary gives the meaning of ventilation as-the movement of fresh air around a closed space or the system that does this. Well, though the word means that, the ventilation for the industry is lot more than just that. Most importantly it moves the fresh air in the entire ambiance leading to the fresh energetic atmosphere that encourages full breathing and the enhanced energy of the people who work in it. Psychologists insist on a positive atmosphere for boosted efficiency of people- as their minds work better in a focussed way in such ambiance. Of course, in addition to fresh air, ventilators  do help reduce air pollution for better health of people in the longer run.

There is more to industrial ventilation than one can think of to achieve the above, Riseecovent, Thailand is one preferred company that specializes in this category. It offers industrial ventilation fans, industrial exhaust fans, roof ventilators for large, medium, even small size of shop floors. They also offer wind turbine ventilators in Thailand.

How do they make it! The process involves an extensive briefing of your industry, its shift cycle, the production sections, number of people working in every shift, the climate of the province and more. This briefing is the first step by Riseecovent in the flowchart of configuration and installation of the entire ventilation system customized for your industry. The key differentiator of Riseecovent is, it considers the people and the infrastructure, both before deciding the ventilation system.
Next is the complete plan of the design of ventilation to meet your objectives and approval. Design & Construction play an important role in meeting the critical and customized needs of your industry.

Riseecovent manufacturing facility meets all quality and safety requirements, its design capability involves stainless steel thrust bearing, corrugated foil framed vanes to give rigidity, strength, airflow and protection against weather changes. These ventilators drive out dust soil grit and foreign material to ensure complete lubrication in the unit.

Roof Ventilators are totally weather-proof, dust and leak proof. They can withstand extreme climatic conditions and high wind velocities. These ventilators are rigid, light in weight & can be mounted on any existing industrial roof without disturbing the original structure. The centrifugal force of these ventilators sucks and drives out hot air from below. This leads to the fresh cool air from outside to come in the slightest thus keep the turbine spinning and keep the ventilators running uninterruptedly.


Wind-driven ventilators enhance the natural ventilation in factories, warehouses & other industrial and commercial facilities. These air ventilators work on wind energy as rotating power to induce airflow inside. The best part is they require zero maintenance and operational cost.


Industrial Wall Fans ensure wind-proof, rain-proof and dust-proof and of course an increase in the airflow.
Wind turbine Ventilator is the latest innovation by Riseecovent. It consists of a turbine and base. The centrifugal force developed inside by spinning of wind creates a region of low pressure within the turbine thereby drawing out air from the roof space.

Riseecovent is committed to support with customer and deliver innovation in the capacity of a subject expert, proficiently. Its products are manufactured using premium quality raw material produced from authentic vendors as per the industrial quality standards.

It burns the midnight oil to do the research and development to keep abreast of the changing times and the demands of the industry. Its range of ventilation systems offer high durability, low maintenance, and low energy cost.To support your industry neds in  your country Riseecovent is accessible through its centres in Dubai, Vietnam, Saudi Arebia, Quatar , Oman. The company representatives in these countries are available to you to meet you for your ventilation needs.

From briefing to the configuration of an apt ventilation system, installation and further support- Riseecovent is the name you can count on to empower your workplace, residential and warehouse with enhanced freshness, productivity , energy- with scientific non-stop ventilation.

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