‘Breathing will be a continuous flow; no gap is possible. You cannot be alive without breathing. So breath and life have become synonymous. Breathing is the mechanism of life, and life is deeply related to breathing. That is why in India we call it prana. We have given one word for both: Prana means the vitality, the aliveness. Your life is your breath.’- Osho

Imagine a beautiful breeze- a fresh air moment- it always enlivens the senses.

Imagine a congested indoor with no movement of fresh air- it dulls the mind, leading to lowered efficiency.

Fluent breathing needs fresh air. Fresh air is an elixir of life, just like water and food- it gives the energy.

Enhanced, pure breathing especially in indoors requires enhanced ventilation – whether it’s a factory, a warehouse, a workplace or any commercial or residential building- large or small, for that matter. The result of effortless, pure, smooth breathing in the workplace is positive energy and boosted comfort. This way performance of the people can reach the peak potential of their efficiency, performance and thus productivity.

A thoughtful study of the indoors, its carpet area, and height up to the ceiling, air flow, air inlets, and outlets can achieve this. Once this study is made, corresponding to the space in point, a compatible, efficient, uninterrupted, maintenance free- 24×7 ventilation system/equipment can be installed. It can be a wind ventilator and/or a roof ventilator.

To design effective ventilation needs consultancy of an expert. Such a system can reduce heat, condensation and exhaust pollutants.

This is where Riseecovent Roof Ventilator Manufacturers in Thailand plays a significant role- in devising the solutions of suitable roof ventilators, wind ventilators and more while keeping the cost-effectiveness, sustainability, eco-factor, and human satisfaction at center stage. The company offers a range of products to suit commercial, industrial and residential premises.

The expert team of Riseecovent first listens to your needs with total respect and attention- next, it studies the space critically in a research-based format and offers you a cost-effective, long-term ventilation solution that amounts ultimately to your long-term growth.

Owing to the optimum performance, a unique pattern and minimum maintenance, our ventilators are highly demanded in the various ventilation operations. We have a team of quality controllers that monitor entire manufacturing processes to ensure a defect free range.

Wind driven ventilators enhance natural ventilation in factories, warehouses & other industrial and commercial facilities. These air ventilators work on wind energy as rotating power to induce air flow inside thus requiring zero maintenance and operational costs.

Roof ventilators are totally weather-proof, dust and leak proof. They can withstand extreme climatic conditions and high wind velocities. These ventilators are rigid, light & can be mounted on any existing industrial roof without disturbing the original structure. The centrifugal force of these ventilators spins the Vance and creates a low-pressure region that sucks and drives out hot air from below. This leads to the fresh cool air from outside to come in the slightest air current which will cause the turbine to spin and stored energy keeps the ventilators running continuously.

They manufacture all these products using premium quality raw material produced as per the industry set standards, we commonly use these ventilators for exhausting dust and fumes out of various industrial establishments and households. We can customize them as per the specifications provided by the customers.

No wonder since inception in Thailand in 2006, the integrated efforts of Riseecovent have made it a preferred, reliable name in ventilation.

Owing to the growing demand of all ECO Roof  Ventilators for industrial & commercials purposes in Asia it has spread its operations all over the continent including in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar& UAE.

Riseecovent- now a prioritized and preferred name for a breath of well-ventilated fresh air!

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