Smoke Ventilation System For Fire Safety

Programmed Smoke Ventilators ensure property and help firemen in bringing a fire under control by removing smoke, warmth, and gases from a consuming structure. Smoke Ventilators are undeniably appropriate for large expanses of unhampered space, for example, manufacturing plants, warehouses, theaters, and retail offices.

Smoke Ventilators are life safety systems intended to encourage the protected departure of inhabitants in case of a fire and also empower the fire to be battled in its early phases.

Riseecovent offers Smoke Ventilators which are fabricated utilizing premium quality raw material that are delivered from genuine sellers according to the mechanical quality principles. We offer a wide scope of Ventilators with our assembling skill, examination and product development experience. Riseecovent has practical experience in assembling Roof Ventilators and Wind Driven Ventilators.

Our Natural Smoke and Heat Evacuator S.H.E.V. “SunSmoke 2000V-EVO”, made with the qualities determined in the norm (UNI EN 12101-2: 2004), with CE Certificate No. 0497/CPR/4454 according to the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC, as corrected by the Directive (CPD) 93/68/EEC, European Regulation (CPR) 305/2011/EU.

Smoke Ventilators also called Life Safety Systems, manufactured a free from all harm getaway of inhabitants on account of a fire and furthermore encouraged the fire to be battled promptly in its fundamental stages. All around organized, severe law and plan management that states and coordinates the establishment, demonstration and upkeep of Smoke Ventilators that should be thought about and carefully followed while specifying any framework.

Smoke Ventilators safeguard lives and aid in protecting property by:

  • Apportioning escape and entry way liberated from smoke
  • Facilitating putting out fires activities
  • Diminishing the danger of the fire becoming further
  • Protecting the structure
  • Diminishing the danger presented to harm of the building​

Riseecovent are leading roof ventilator manufacturers, we provide two types of Smoke Ventilators: Horizontal Ventilator & Vertical Ventilator.

Horizontal Ventilation Key Benefits:

  1. Swift to gadget
  2. Can be powerful on a area dwelling up to 1600 sq. feet
  3. Dynamic with winds @ 25 mph or less
  4. Operative up to the scope of 25 stories in a multistoried structure

Vertical Smoke Ventilator is built by opening the housetop with cuts or with winning roof openings. In the event that it’s uncertain to put firemen on the rooftop, it’s perilous for firemen to pass into the development.

Vertical Key Benefits:

  1. Concentrates smoke and gases
  2. Reduces the adjustment of flashover
  3. Decreases the probability of fiery surge
  4. Helps firemen in following victims
  5. Helps firemen identify the seat of the fire.

When the normal smoke and warmth exhaust ventilation units have been introduced, the provider of the units and the client have a joint lawful duty to ensure that all equipment has been produced and fitted appropriately, reasonable, and agreeable. Remembering that a few standards are simply appropriate to specific conditions, lawful obligations can create turmoil on occasion, which is the reason that it is so basic to search out the help of qualified experts whose counsel you can trust. The firm idea of the guideline, and the manner in which they manage the non-compliers, makes adherence even more fundamental.


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