Escaping The Heat With Ridge Vents

Riseecovent sounds like an epitome of ventilation solutions, doesn’t it? And why won’t it? It provides services like none other in varied sectors. Riseecovent has been covering, protecting and shielding various structures spread worldwide like in countries of Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Qatar, Oman.

The list of services offered include Smoke Ventilation Systems, Industrial Wall Fans, Ridge Vents, Skylights, Solar Turbine Ventilators and many such. Each one of them plays a crucial role when it gets in the wagon with roofs. Ridge vents are in the talk of the town nowadays.

Wikipedia Lady says that a ridge ventilator is a type of vent installed at the peak of a sloped roof which allows warm, humid air to escape a building’s attic.

Attic space usually acts like a host for hot air. For this to escape and find a way out, Ridge Vents turn out to be a hero. With minimal maintenance, Ridge Ventilators act like saviours. These vents don’t include any mechanical parts or fans to eliminate the hot air revolving in the room. Hence, they comparatively less maintenance. Another reason for why the vents are loved is because they last longer on the roof.

Single residential buildings, warehouses and industries widely use and appreciate the presence of ridge vents as they keep it cool inside. Humidity causes buildup of moisture. These ridge vents blend in with the metal or shingle roofing and prevent the presence of fungus and mold from capturing the spaces.

How Ridge Vents work?

The rooftops have areas of high and low pressure created on them as the wind sways through them. Higher air pressure is seen on the ends while lower air pressure is observed on the high parts of the ride. The air later rises and is naturally vented out. Apparently, moist and warm air is pulled out through the ridge vent as heat peaks up.

Benefits of Ridge Vents

– Moderation of Temperature- As installation of Ridge Vents let the warm air pass by, the home remai`ns cooler and hence, the need for an endless air conditioner is automatically reduced. Other benefit lies in the fact that the design of ridge vent does the honours of preventing the entrance of pests like rodents.
– Air Quality Improvement- Without a debate, the moist air is out of the infrastructure. Then and there itself, the dampness is gone. Interior pollution doesn’t get a chance to take over. Indoor air pollution is hazardous and can cause issues to health as well as tamper the working of machineries. With Ridge Vents, that possibility is almost eradicated.
– Self Dependent- Ridge Vents are self dependent. They don’t have to rely on other processes and systems for their working. They also have a great look stuck to them, which doesn’t spoil the infrastructure planning and designing.
– Leak Detection- If at all leaks occur, they can be easily detected. A flash of light can help one trace faults in the vents.

And we, at Riseecovent handover to you the perfect plan for all kinds of ventilator systems. Clients and testimonials from the world appreciate our working. Not only this, but we are also leading Roof Ventilator Manufacturers in Thailand, Wind Turbine Ventilators in UAE, Skylight Manufacturers, Power Ventilators Suppliers as well. We provide all round solutions. Drop in a mail or have a chat with us to get quotes.


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